Lord, Send Me (Dangerous Prayers #3)

Just as the decorations at a party can serve as clues as to what type of party you are at, the Bible is filled with clues that God has established a theme in life of sending people to bless others.

In this final message in the Dangerous Prayers series, Pastor Erin Bird shows us God’s sending theme by taking us through multiple passages of the Scripture, inspiring Jesus-followers to pray “Lord, Send Me.”

Are you ready surrender everything to God and let Him send you to bless others?

Lord, Break Me (Dangerous Prayers #2)

If you’ve ever been lost, whether while hiking or driving, you know that sometimes in order to go forward, you have to first go back.

In our spiritual lives, sometimes in order to go forward in our faith, we need to go back in a sense, to allow God to break us, to remove some things in our lives, such as selfishness or sinful patterns, so that He can mold and shape us into who He sees us to be.

In this second part of our “Dangerous Prayers” series, Pastor Erin Bird shares through Jeremiah 18:1-6 as well as through his own life story, how painful the breaking process can be, but also how necessary it can be. If you are the type of person who wants to follow Jesus closely, listen in to “Lord, Break Me.”

Lord, Search Me (Dangerous Prayers #1)

A dangerous prayer isn’t one that asks God to put you in dangerous situations. A “dangerous” prayer is a bold prayer, a prayer that completely surrenders your life to God. A dangerous prayer isn’t about ruining your life, but if God answers it, your dangerous prayer will upend your life.

In this series, we will look at three dangerous prayers. In the last week, we will pray “Lord, Send Me.” But before a Jesus-follower can be sent, they need to be surrendered. And so in the second week, we will pray “Lord, Break Me.” But that is a scary prayer! And so this week, to prepare our hearts to be lovingly broken, we look at David’s prayer “Lord, Search Me.”

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