Perseverance (Disciplined #8)

For many Jesus-followers, engagement with the spiritual disciplines can be tiring, frustrating, and difficult. Whether it is prayer, Bible reading, fasting, or something else, they find themselves drifting toward comfort and disengagement, eventually quitting the spiritual discipline altogether.

But what if your best days are found on the other side of your spiritual funk?

In this final message in the Disciplined series, Pastor Erin Bird teaches from James 1:2-4 about the power of perseverance, and how your greatest days and spiritual maturity will be found through the struggle of the disciplines.

Sacrifice (Disciplined #7)

No one accidentally wins an Olympic gold medal. It takes tremendous work and sacrifice to obtain something of such incredible worth.

Likewise, to grow to love like Jesus loved and live like Jesus lived often requires great sacrifice. In this seventh part of the Disciplined, Pastor Erin Bird teaches from two parables the Jesus told to show the power of sacrifice. If you want to have an amazing relationship with God, listen in for how you can grow spiritually through three different disciplines of sacrifice.

Generosity (Disciplined #6)


Yep, we’re going there. The topic of finances is quite the sticky topic to discuss in church. And yet, if you want to love like Jesus loved and live like Jesus lived, you have to wrestle with the topic.

In this sixth part of the Disciplined series, Jacob Tews helps Jesus-followers see the beauty of living generously, particularly when it comes to the area of finances. So listen in to be challenged and inspired to enter into the spiritual discipline of giving.

Serving (Disciplined #5)

If you were to ask a random Christian to name some spiritual disciplines, “serving” would probably not be one of the first disciplines listed, if at all. And yet serving is an incredibly important discipline because it helps to change our selfish hearts.

So listen in to learn how the discipline of serving can help you grow spiritually, as well as learn who you are to serve.

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