What Elders Do (Elders #3)

There’s a lot of confusion about what a church elder is expected to do. Do they manage budgets? Do they oversee the pastor and staff? Do they manage the projects of the church, or oversee the administrative details, or simply control all the happenings of the church?

In this third and final message in the Elders series, Pastor Erin Bird helps us answer the question “What is an elder supposed to actually do?” by looking at 1 Peter 5:1-5.

Who are Elders (Elders #2)

Last Sunday, we heard why a church would want elders to lead them. But who should these elders be? The most outspoken guy in the church? The bank president who has proven to be a success and great manager? The lady who has been a part of the church the longest or served on every other committee?

In this week’s message, Pastor Erin Bird walks us through the qualifications the Apostle Paul gave to Titus about who would make a great elder for a church.

Why Elders? (Elders #1)

There are SO many types of church governance out there in Christendom: deacons, councils, boards, dictatorships, church staffs, and more. So why is Riverwood choosing to move to an elder form of leadership?

In this first message in a three part series, Pastor Erin Bird explains why he believes Riverwood will benefit from installing elders to help continue the mission of inviting the spiritually disconnected to find and follow Jesus.

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