New Will (New You #4)

So far in this “New You” series, we’ve seen that in order to set and meet our spiritual resolutions, we need a New Leader (aka Jesus), we need New Rhythms, and we need a New Outlook. But there is one critical component that we must talk about. It’s a must-have step to keeping your resolutions. But it’s hard. REALLY hard.

However,  if you can actually do this one, really hard step, you will see the most remarkable results in your life and through your life. So listen in to learn the deepest secret to keeping your spiritual resolutions.

New Outlook (New You #3)

Have you ever gotten lost while driving?  Perhaps you were paying attention to your music, or to a friend in the car, or to a faulty GPS. But because your  attention was on  the  wrong things, you ended up  in the  wrong place.

The same happens to us spiritually. When you place your attention on self, you end up far from God. But when you place your attention on Jesus and his sacrifice, you begin to see God do some incredible things in you and through you.

In this third part of the New You series about making and keeping spiritual resolutions, we talk about how a shift in your outlook can change the entire trajectory of your life. Because where you look is where you’ll walk.

New Rhythms (New You #2)

When a song’s rhythm is tight, other musicians can join the song, contributing to the music. But if the rhythm is off, the song stumbles, possibly to a halt.

The same is true in life. When we have healthy rhythms in our lives, we bless others, able to encourage them to establish their own  healthy rhythms. But when our life is out of sync with the rhythms of God, many areas of life become disconnected.

In this second part of the New You series,  we look at a passage from Scripture that  show how healthy rhythms saved the  early church from a split.

New Leadership (New You #1)

In order for a consistently-bad football team  to change its losing ways, it needs to make a head coaching change. Likewise, for us to grow spiritually and get the spiritual results we want in life, we have to change “leaders”; to quit following the “bad leaders” that promise happiness (but leave us empty) to  the One who gives us connection with our Creator and true purpose.

In this first message in the New You series,  we look at what it looks like to let Jesus truly lead our life, and the three simple (but difficult) steps it takes to follow Jesus, the greatest leaders the world has ever known.

So if you want to experience an amazing life where you see God do amazing things in you as well as through you, then listen in to message #1, “New Leadership.”

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