Marriage Rocks (Sex, Thugs, & Rock-n-Roll #7)

Marriage. So many of us are miserable without it, and many of us are miserable when we get it. Why? Perhaps it’s because we have an improper view of marriage. In this message, we see the Apostle Paul knock marriage off the pedestal of our hearts so that it can take the proper place in our lives, leading us to a place of peace and contentment – whether we are married or not.

The Song of Sex (Sex, Thugs, & Rock-n-Roll #5)

A listen to several songs on the Billboard Top 100 reveals our culture is fascinated with the topic of sex. But the message our pop stars preach through their songs differs from the ancient teaching of the Bible. Is the Bible just out of touch with modern day reality like an old weary song? Or does it teach us a better song to sing about sex?

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