Sacrificed Everything (The Cost of Christmas #4)

Every Christmas, churches and families will spend time looking at the stories of the various biblical characters involved in the narrative of the birth of Jesus (which we have done through this Cost of Christmas series). But there is one character that surprisingly sometimes gets overlooked: Jesus.

So in this week’s sermon, Pastor Erin helps us see through Philippians 2:5-11 what the first Christmas cost the Son of God. Listen in to be inspired by Jesus and challenged by what Jesus-followers are called to give-up as well.

Sacrificed Resources (The Cost of Christmas #3)

Americans love to spend a lot of money and time on Christmas. Did you know the average American will spend over $900/person and spend well over 40 hours in the month of December on Christmas related activities such as shopping, traveling, and worship services? (Yep, that’s a lot!)

However, if you are a follower of Jesus, God has a different plan for your money and time than just to use it all on a cultural holiday. To learn His better plan for you, listen in to part 3 of Riverwood’s series “The Cost of Christmas.”

Sacrificed Livelihood (The Cost of Christmas #2)

The Oxford Dictionary defines livelihood as “a means of securing the necessities of life.” But often times, we confuse what a “necessity of life” truly is, fooling ourselves into thinking wants are actually needs.

These false “needs” keep Jesus-followers from a closer relationship with God. In week 2 of our Advent Series, Pastor Erin Bird shows us from Luke 2 the incredible risk the shepherds took that first Christmas night, and how their example can lead us to sacrifice the things we think we need in order to be happy.

Sacrificed Reputation (The Cost of Christmas #1)

If someone were to ask your friends to describe you, the words your friends use would reveal your reputation. Most of us hope to have a good reputation in life. But did you know that to follow Jesus might actually cost you a good reputation?

In this first message in The Cost of Christmas Advent series, Pastor Erin Bird unpacks several passages of the Bible, showing how the first Christmas cost Joseph & Mary a good reputation on earth,  yet they willingly gave it up because they believed the coming Messiah, their son Jesus, was worth it.

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