Speaking the Gospel (The Gospel #4)

Imagine a scientific lab that discovered a cure for cancer, but didn’t tell anyone. That would be awful, wouldn’t it? Yet on a spiritual level, many Jesus-followers know the “cure” for sin, but remain mum.

In this last message in “The Gospel” sermon series, Pastor Erin Bird shows from the book of Colossians that if someone is a Jesus-follower, it is expected he or she will “speak the gospel.” And as we’ll see, Jesus-followers are to speak the gospel to those who don’t know Jesus as well as to those who already follow Him.

Living the Gospel (The Gospel #3)

So far in this series called “The Gospel,” we have seen the importance of continually learning the gospel so that we can think the gospel. But the purpose for allowing the gospel to be a filter to our way of thinking is to impact our way of living. The Scriptures do not teach us the gospel simply to fill our heads with the story of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. The Bible shows us how the gospel is to impact our everyday lives and relationships.

In this third part of “The Gospel” series, Pastor Erin Bird takes us through Ephesians 4:1-6, showing us exactly how God calls us to “live the gospel,” which will impact our relationships at home, at work, and even in our churches.

Thinking the Gospel (The Gospel #2)

How you see yourself shapes what you do. If you see yourself as a great athlete, you’ll keep trying your best at your sport. If you see yourself as a horrible cook, you’ll stay away from the kitchen.

The same goes for your faith. How you think about yourself spiritually affects what you do and how you feel about life.

In Romans 12:1-3, the Apostle Paul talks about this very thing – how your thinking affects your behavior. Listen in as Pastor Erin Bird explores these ancient words while also giving a “tool” that can help you think the gospel, leading you to the life you deeply desire.

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