The Call to Groups

In America, we are quite independent as people, and many Jesus-followers bring this same independence into their spiritual growth. However, the writer of the biblical book of Hebrews encourages Jesus-followers to NOT go it alone in their pursuit of Christlikeness.

In this first message in the two-week “Grow in Groups” series, guest teacher Andrew Boone unpacks Hebrews 10:19-25, showing God’s call to all Jesus-followers to make Jesus-centered relationships an intentional part of their spiritual growth.

Sacrifice & Jesus (& Jesus #8)

What should a church family really look like? How should a church family operate? What should a Jesus-follower be willing to give up for the sake of others within the church family?

In this final message in the & Jesus series, guest teacher Andrew Boone takes us to Romans 15 to challenge Jesus-followers to critically think about how they are to live within a church family. Listen in to this encouraging & challenging message that all Jesus-followers need to hear.

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