Psalm 51 (Summer of Psalms #4)

At his lowest point, King David fell into terrible sin, was confronted by God’s word through the prophet Nathan, and had to repent of his disobedience. His poignant expression of contrition in Psalm 51 can serve as a model for the Jesus-follower when he or she falls short of God’s standards.

Guest Speaker Jacob Tews leads this study of Psalm 51, looking in detail at its context and application for our lives.

Generosity (Disciplined #6)


Yep, we’re going there. The topic of finances is quite the sticky topic to discuss in church. And yet, if you want to love like Jesus loved and live like Jesus lived, you have to wrestle with the topic.

In this sixth part of the Disciplined series, Jacob Tews helps Jesus-followers see the beauty of living generously, particularly when it comes to the area of finances. So listen in to be challenged and inspired to enter into the spiritual discipline of giving.

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