Four Reasons Why You Should Share the Gospel

Evangelism. It’s a scary word for a lot of people. Most Jesus-followers don’t engage in it, and those that do often do it from impure motives. Teaching from 2 Corinthians 5:9-21, guest teacher Steve Erickson walks Jesus-followers through four reasons why they should share the gospel with others, and how to do it with the right heart.

Three Core Beliefs

When making small talk with a young person, we often ask, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” And when they respond, we might follow up with something like, “That’s great! How are you going to make that dream become a reality?”

But rather than ask WHAT they want to do and HOW they are going to do it, perhaps we should be asking “Who are you?”

When we ask this of ourselves, this critical question of WHO helps us know who we are, which then affects what we do. But did you know this question also helps us understand the Christian faith? For when we ask “Who is God?” it helps us discover the character and nature of God, which explains what He does and how He chooses to do it.

So listen in as guest teacher Steve Erickson teaches us “Three Core Beliefs.”

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