Examination Room (Sacramental #3)

When you look in the mirror, you see your front side. But to see a more complete image of yourself, to see your back side, you need a second mirror. In this third and final week in the Sacramental series, we look at the “second mirror” that Paul encouraged the Corinthians to install in their life, so that they don’t abuse the sacrament of communion. This message is both encouraging and challenging – and it just might be exactly what you need to become the person you dream of being.

Origins (Sacramental #2)

Prequels have become very popular in the movie theaters these days. But did you know that there is a “prequel” to the sacrament of communion?

In this second message of the  Sacramental series , we look at the origin of the Lord’s Supper. Like many origin stories, this one is dark. But this dark backstory just might shine a light in your heart and your head, and help you appreciate communion like never before.

Re:Place (Re: Series #3)

In our contemporary culture, loyalty is admired, but often difficult to uphold. We see people change their favorite team, change spouses, change churches, and change allegiances all the time.

This also happens spiritually. God is loyal to his followers, but His followers often struggle to keep Him first in their lives. How do you keep your priorities straight and stay loyal to God?

The answer to that is what this week’s message aims to provide.

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