The Chosen Few (Mark #10)

We all long to be chosen. To be selected by a team, company, or that special someone feels like we have worth, and value, and are loved.

So you can imagine when Jesus chose His twelve disciples, those twelve guys were on top of the world. But in truth, to be chosen by Jesus is actually very, very humbling. Why?

Listen in to discover how the calling to follow Jesus is a humbling event, and yet a moment that also instills us with a very different type of confidence.

Forward In Faith (FORWARD #1)

Having faith in something brings confidence and peace. For instance, when you place your “faith” in a chair, you have peace that it will hold you when you put your full weight upon it. When your faith is in your team before a big game, you have confidence they will emerge victoriously.

But what do you do when the person or object of your faith has let you down?

In this first message in the “Forward” sermon series, Pastor Erin Bird shows us from Acts 2:42-47 what the first church did to build their faith and how the steps they took can help the faith of any follower of Jesus as well as help the faith of an entire church family.

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