The Pro-Life Jesus (Mark #15)

In our current political and cultural climate, the lives of certain people don’t seem to matter. Some Republicans don’t seem to think certain Democrats are worth much of anything. Some Black Lives Matters adherents don’t think too highly of Trump supporters. And many Twitter users are ready to cancel anyone who doesn’t agree with them 100%.

In Mark 5:1-20, Pastor Erin Bird shows us that anyone who claims to be a follower of Jesus HAS to be pro-life. And not just pro-babies, but pro-human. But how are you supposed to love someone who holds the complete opposite political or philosophical as you? Listen in to learn how.

Psalm 42 (Summer of Psalms #2)

This will be our first Sunday back for in-person gatherings! While we are excited to be together again, most of us have undoubtedly been through some turbulent times. To some extent, we’ve all encountered loss, grief, frustration, and suffering within the span of these last few months.

In this week’s message, Worship Leader Jake Epley will walk us through Psalm 42, a lament that teaches us that in the midst of depression and discouragement, our only hope is found in God alone who truly satisfies.

The Chosen Few (Mark #10)

We all long to be chosen. To be selected by a team, company, or that special someone feels like we have worth, and value, and are loved.

So you can imagine when Jesus chose His twelve disciples, those twelve guys were on top of the world. But in truth, to be chosen by Jesus is actually very, very humbling. Why?

Listen in to discover how the calling to follow Jesus is a humbling event, and yet a moment that also instills us with a very different type of confidence.

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