Less is More (The Upside-Down Kingdom #3)


Our culture is constantly tricking us into believing what it wants us to believe. Sex, entertainment, and money are just a few of the outright tricks focused on feeling good and personal satisfaction that society is pushing on us. While the American Dream is a good aspiration – it is not the ultimate goal as our culture would have us believe.

This human yearning for more has been around since sin entered the world but Jesus would have us understand that less IS more. Listen as Pastor Erin Bird finishes up this series on the Upside-Down Kingdom and helps us to understand why Jesus wants us to know that Less is More.


Protected from Greed (The Protection of Proverbs #3)

Greed is ingrained in our culture everywhere you look. Even businesses recognize this and market products directly at our greed. “Bigger”, “Better”, “More” are all words that are used to sew discontent with what we have and are designed to trigger our greed.

Solomon, in Proverbs 1 gives his son instruction against greed. He continues to explain how following greed and spending time with greedy people will lead to a path of destruction. Listen as Pastor Erin shows how this 3000-year-old example is just as relevant to our world today.

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