Jesus the God-Man (Portraits of Jesus #5)

Sermon Synopsis

Throughout the 300s and 400s A.D., the Christian church debated the issue of the nature of Jesus. Was he a man? Was he God? Was he some sort of mix?

To which you might say, "Who cares?!? I mean, does it really even matter?"

Actually, it matters a lot! Whether you realize it or not, the doctrine of the incarnation and the hypostatic union is essential to the gospel, which is the foundation to the Christian faith. If you misunderstand the nature of Jesus, you actually get the entire Christian faith wrong.

This means if you are someone curious about Christianity, this message might be good to listen to, to help you understand one of the key tenets of this faith you are investigating.

But if you already identify as a follower of Jesus, this message is highly important for you to listen to. Because it will not only give you a foundation for your faith in Jesus, it will actually help to comfort you in your hardest times, and give you courage to live daily as a Jesus-follower.

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