Protected from Lust (The Protection of Proverbs #5)

Sermon Synopsis

This Sunday, as we conclude The Protection of Proverbs series, we'll be looking at the topic of lust. While Pastor Erin keeps the sermon "appropriate," It's important to warn you that he will be diving into sexual topics that might get a bit uncomfortable. (In other words, the message will be at least PG-13.) If you are a parent and planning to listen to this with your kids, plan to have a conversation with your kiddos afterwards.

In Proverbs Chapter 5 verses 1-11 Solomon speaks wisdom again to his son about lust (also applicable to a daughter). He describes how the moments of pleasure with a  "forbidden women" seem fun at the moment but it will ultimately to harsh consequence and the grave.

Pastor Erin navigates the sensitive issue of sexual sin and lust in today's sermon. While a very uncomfortable topic, it's a topic that we all must face and, ultimately, a topic (like all others) that we rely on Christ's mercy and forgiveness.

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