ReUnderstanding Baptism (#Unexpected #16)

Sermon Synopsis

Throughout life, we often end up with misunderstandings. They happen at work, they happen in marriage, they happen within our extended family. But sometimes, we learn something that helps to change our misunderstandings and reshape our thinking.

When it comes to baptism, some people hold certain beliefs based on the way their church practiced baptism, or what they had perhaps heard from a friend, or even just ideas they came up with themselves. But what if some of these ideas are really a misunderstanding of a sacred act?

This week, for the conclusion to the #Unexpected teaching series, we look at the "prequel" to the Sermon on the Mount, the baptism of Jesus, and by looking at HIS baptism, we might discover we've had some misunderstandings of what baptism really is. So listen in if you have a desire to "ReUnderstand" baptism.

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