United to Christ Together

Sermon Synopsis

Churches worldwide have different problems, but we have the same hope.

Through Jesus, we can be unified despite our differences. Democrat or Republican, Russian or Ukrainian, Racial differences, etc. Galatians 3:27 explains how those baptized into Christ are not different, but we are clothed with Christ. We are also Abraham's descendants and heirs to the promise if we belong to Christ.

Jesus didn't have to die individually for each people group. He has died once, and it covers all of us regardless of our differences. This allows us to enjoy our differences because those differences are no longer a threat. They are now uniquenesses that are intriguing rather than being divisive.

3 Takeaways from the sermon:

  1. Trust completely in Jesus' work on the Cross. Make Him our primary identity.
  2. Recognize that Jesus died and rose for others in the church even if they are different than you. Jesus died for those that look different than you. What divides do you notice in your town?
  3. Look forward to our inheritance:
    1. Be courageous
    2. Be generous
    3. Say "no" to temptation because the pleasures of heaven are greater.
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