The Passover (Mark #47)

Sermon Synopsis

The story of the Passover comes from the Old Testament. Moses was sent by God to Egypt because the Israelites were enslaved for many years. The Pharoah decides that the Israelites cannot leave. This brought on 9 different plagues - all targeted at different Egyptian gods. For the 10th plague, God allows the firstborn of the animals and people to be killed. God allows an exception for the Israelites that put the blood of a lamb on their doorposts.

Throughout the centuries, the Jewish people would celebrate Passover. It was also customary to go to Jerusalem to celebrate. In Mark 14:12-26, Jesus sends some of his disciples ahead to get a room for Jesus and his disciples.

In this room, Jesus breaks bread and gives it to the disciples. He instructs them to eat it as it is His body. He then takes a cup of wine and He tells them that it is His blood of the covenant that is poured out for each of us. The tradition of Passover was typically four cups of wine (Exodus 6). They symbolized sanctification, deliverance, redemption, and praise.

The Passover with Jesus paralleled the original Passover.

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