Death Preparations (Mark #46)

Sermon Synopsis

Just as we want to give all of our time/attention/money/etc. to that special person in our life or the hobbies we love, we should feel even more the same way about God.

In Mark 14, verse 3, a woman (probably Mary Magdalene) poured a jar of expensive oil on Jesus' head. This perfume was made with pure nard and was worth a year's wages. Imagine using a full year's wages in a quick moment to honor someone you love. For many, that is unfathomable.

Some who were present (Judas Iscariot is mentioned in other Biblical accounts) balk at the "wastefulness" of this act. Yet, the woman was willing to give up this expensive perfume to honor her God.

3 Things that were happening in the background of this story:

  1. Mary is unknowingly preparing his body for burial. In this time, families would add oil and spices to a dead body to offset the smell of decay. After Jesus' crucifixion, He was not prepared in the same way.
  2. Mary is unknowingly anointing Jesus as King.
  3. Mary is unknowingly presenting the gospel. She takes an expensive perfume and breaks it open to pour its contents on Jesus. Likewise, Jesus was broken on the cross to give us something unobtainable.

What are we willing to give? We should want to give Him everything without debate and with reckless abandon because He gave everything to us.

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