Welcome Like Jesus (Throwback Sunday)

Sermon Synopsis

Introduction and Theme of Welcome:

  • Erin, the teaching Pastor at Riverwood, introduces the concept of "throwback Sunday" and relates it to the theme of welcoming.
  • He challenges the conventional understanding of 'welcome,' suggesting a deeper, biblical significance.
  • Erin invites the congregation to open their Bibles to Romans chapter 15 for an in-depth look.

Shift from Acts to Romans and Focus on Romans 15:

  • The sermon shifts from discussing the book of Acts to focusing on a passage in Romans 15.
  • Erin explains the decision to postpone returning to Acts, pointing to the upcoming Advent and the pertinence of Romans 15.
  • He underlines the significance of this passage for both individual believers and the church as a whole, especially in light of Advent.

Examination of Romans 15:1-7:

  • Erin delves into Romans 15:1-7, emphasizing the duty of the strong to support the weak.
  • He highlights Jesus as the prime example of selflessness, bearing others' burdens.
  • The key verse, Romans 15:7, is spotlighted: “welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you.”
  • The sermon connects this message of welcome to practical considerations, such as being mindful of others' needs and viewpoints in the community.

Application and Closing Prayer:

  • Erin challenges the congregation to extend a welcome to all visitors.
  • He acknowledges the challenges of practicing such welcoming in different personal circumstances.
  • The sermon concludes with a prayer for the ability to love and welcome others as Christ does, aiming for joy and unity in the church.
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