Covered (Christmas Clothes #1)

Sermon Synopsis

During the Riverwood Online Gathering, we warmly extend a welcome to all attendees for our Advent service, which marks the commencement of our Advent Series titled "Christmas Clothes." Our Pastor, Erin, begins by humorously addressing the intriguing title. Erin clarifies that, despite the name, he is not a fashion expert but someone who appreciates dressing nicely. He observes the growing significance of Christmas attire during the holiday season, reflecting on how it wasn't as prominent during his own childhood, when new clothing was typically associated with Easter.

Erin emphasizes the role of clothing in various biblical stories, mentioning key examples such as Joseph's coat of many colors and the soldiers gambling over Jesus's tunic at the crucifixion. He also draws attention to the contrast between the clothing concerns of ancient humans, who needed to plan for limited clothing options, and our modern fashion trends.

The focus then shifts to the biblical account of Adam and Eve in Genesis 2 and 3. Erin highlights the perfection of their relationship with God before sin entered the world. Following their disobedience, they experience shame and try to cover themselves with fig leaves. Erin explains how God, in an act balancing justice and mercy, provides them with clothing made from animal skins. This act symbolically foreshadows Christ's eventual sacrifice, as He offers spiritual covering through His righteousness.

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