Rejoices to Give

May 16, 2024

When your favorite sports team wins the championship, or you get to attend a gala where a loved one is honored, or you just witnessed a phenomenal performance by your favorite band, you can't help but rejoice in the moment. The flood of joy inside of you wants to burst out of you through cheers and applause.

But did you know you can have a similar euphoria through the simple act of generous giving?

Emotions in Giving

Thus far in our Being a STEWARD series, we've seen that a faithful steward of God's resources...

Today, we come to the R, which we see in the last phrase of verse 7 of our key passage of 2 Corinthians 9...

Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

2 Corinthians 9:7 (ESV, emphasis added)
Rejoices To Give • Riverwood Church

In other words, the emotion you should experience in giving your FIST (Finances, Influence, Skills, & Time) should not be reluctance, nor sadness, nor even apathy, but rather that of joy. But to be honest, that seems a little strange. Why does God say through the Apostle Paul that we should "rejoice" in giving?

  • If your attitude towards giving is that of reluctance, it means you see giving as a forced duty, not an opportunity.
  • If your attitude is that of sadness, it means your heart is in love with the things of this world, rather than the things of God. (It also means you see these possessions as yours to keep rather than God's to give.)
  • If your attitude is apathetic, you aren't appreciating what God has given you through Christ, who is His indescribable gift to us.

But when you see the opportunity to give before you as an opportunity from God to use His possessions to bless others, it should humbly bring you joy.

So the next time you write a check to a Christ-centered ministry, or give a cash gift to a new graduate, or help pay the medical bill of a friend, joyfully thank God for the opportunity. And if you are struggling to find delight in the moment, ask the Holy Spirit to continue to shape and mold your heart into Christlikeness, who "for the joy set before Him," generously and sacrificially gave His life for you!

Erin Bird Lead Pastor - Riverwood Church

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