Interrupted Desires (Interrupted #5)

It’s easy to see when someone is engaging in an activity that isn’t good for them. But when someone tries to interrupt OUR desires, well… that’s a different story! But what if God is interrupting our desires not to rob us of something good, but rather to give us something even better?

That’s what we see in this final part of Jonah’s story. And by looking at Jonah’s story, we might see how God is wanting to impact our story for our good.

Interrupted Expectations (Interrupted #4)

We carry expectations into everything. Into the movie theater, into restaurants, into marriage, into our jobs, into a class, into church, and even into our relationship with God. Some expectations get met, some are exceeded, but some never get met.

But what do you do when God fails to meet your expectations?

That’s what this message is about. Discover not only what to do when God fails to meet your expectations, but also why it is actually a good thing when He doesn’t do what you think He should.

Interrupted Prayer (Interrupted #3)

Just like an addict needs an intervention from their loved ones who desire the best for them, sometimes people need a spiritual intervention from God who desires the best for them. But how will YOU respond when He intervenes in your life?

In this third part of our Interrupted series studying the book of Jonah, we see Jonah respond to God’s intervention by praying. And by studying his prayer, we can see how to pray in response to God’s interruption into our lives as well.

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