Fear & Anxiety

Many people globally are living with fear due to the coronavirus, while many Americans are living with anxiety over the upcoming Presidential election. And this doesn’t include the hard things happening in many people’s lives personally that are causing stress, worry, and more.

Thankfully, God’s Word speaks into our fear and anxiety, helping to bring peace. Listen in as one of Riverwood’s elders, Ed Pavelec, takes us to several passages in Scripture to bring encouragement during our troubled times.

Sacrificed Everything (The Cost of Christmas #4)

Every Christmas, churches and families will spend time looking at the stories of the various biblical characters involved in the narrative of the birth of Jesus (which we have done through this Cost of Christmas series). But there is one character that surprisingly sometimes gets overlooked: Jesus.

So in this week’s sermon, Pastor Erin helps us see through Philippians 2:5-11 what the first Christmas cost the Son of God. Listen in to be inspired by Jesus and challenged by what Jesus-followers are called to give-up as well.

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