Protected from Lust (The Protection of Proverbs #5)


This Sunday, as we conclude The Protection of Proverbs series, we’ll be looking at the topic of lust. While Pastor Erin keeps the sermon “appropriate,” It’s important to warn you that he will be diving into sexual topics that might get a bit uncomfortable. (In other words, the message will be at least PG-13.) If you are a parent and planning to listen to this with your kids, plan to have a conversation with your kiddos afterwards.


In Proverbs Chapter 5 verses 1-11 Solomon speaks wisdom again to his son about lust (also applicable to a daughter). He describes how the moments of pleasure with a  “forbidden women” seem fun at the moment but it will ultimately to harsh consequence and the grave.

Pastor Erin navigates the sensitive issue of sexual sin and lust in today’s sermon. While a very uncomfortable topic, it’s a topic that we all must face and, ultimately, a topic (like all others) that we rely on Christ’s mercy and forgiveness.

Protected from Pride (The Protection of Proverbs #4)

Oftentimes, we think we have all of the answers. We can get lost in pride in our day-to-day decisions as we’re sure we know everything about most of our situations. When our hearts are caught up with pride, we can’t truly trust in God or have full faith in his workings.

In today’s sermon, Professor Matt Townsley teaches from Proverbs chapter 3. He shows us how we can gain protection from pride by understanding and following the words in verses 1-7.

Protected from Greed (The Protection of Proverbs #3)

Greed is ingrained in our culture everywhere you look. Even businesses recognize this and market products directly at our greed. “Bigger”, “Better”, “More” are all words that are used to sew discontent with what we have and are designed to trigger our greed.

Solomon, in Proverbs 1 gives his son instruction against greed. He continues to explain how following greed and spending time with greedy people will lead to a path of destruction. Listen as Pastor Erin shows how this 3000-year-old example is just as relevant to our world today.

Protected by Wisdom (The Protection of Proverbs #2)

Proverbs, chapter 1 verses 20-33 still speaks to our culture to this very day. Humanity, as a whole, has turned its back on the wisdom of God and put faith in its own abilities and knowledge. This means that we are destined to learn lessons that God has warned us against over and over again.

In today’s sermon, Pastor Erin Bird explains how ignorance is not necessarily bad. When we choose to trust God’s wisdom, it is a form of choosing a Godly ignorance.

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