Serve (How to BLESS #4)

Most of us would rather serve ourselves before others. This week, Pastor Erin Bird talks about the importance of serving.

Begin with prayer

(How to BLESS)


Why Elders? (Elders #1)

There are SO many types of church governance out there in Christendom: deacons, councils, boards, dictatorships, church staffs, and more. So why is Riverwood choosing to move to an elder form of leadership?

In this first message in a three part series, Pastor Erin Bird explains why he believes Riverwood will benefit from installing elders to help continue the mission of inviting the spiritually disconnected to find and follow Jesus.

Prayer (Disciplined #4)

Ever felt like prayer is boring? Or have you felt like you couldn’t pray because of sin in your life and/or past? Or maybe you’re simply afraid to pray because it has just been so long since you’ve tried to talk with God and you fear He might be a bit upset that you’ve been ignoring Him?

In this masterful sermon on the spiritual discipline of prayer, guest teacher Patrick Ray walks us through Romans 8, showing us why we shouldn’t let shame or fear or boredom keep us from this God-given gift called prayer. So if you want to grow in your conversations with God, listen in to this fourth part of the Disciplined series.

Sacrifice & Jesus (& Jesus #8)

What should a church family really look like? How should a church family operate? What should a Jesus-follower be willing to give up for the sake of others within the church family?

In this final message in the & Jesus series, guest teacher Andrew Boone takes us to Romans 15 to challenge Jesus-followers to critically think about how they are to live within a church family. Listen in to this encouraging & challenging message that all Jesus-followers need to hear.

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