Love All (Do Christmas Different #4)

The chaos of Christmas often causes many of us to have stressed relationships. But the coming of Jesus reveals God’s love for all people, which means Jesus-followers should be overflowing with love for people, even at Christmas.

In this final message of the Do Christmas Different series, guest teacher Beau Stringer inspires and challenges his listeners to “love all” this Advent because God’s action of giving His Son reveals His love for all.

Give More (Do Christmas Different #3)

If someone gave you a gift, but did it with a bad attitude, you wouldn’t feel loved. What we really want in a gift is the love behind it.

That’s what we see in this third message in the “Do Christmas Different” series. By looking at the famous Wisemen of Matthew chapter 2, we learn how to truly Give More. So if you want to live a generous life, listen in.

Spend Less (Do Christmas Different #2)

According to, Americans spent $704/person at Christmas in 2013, $720/person in 2014, and $830/person in 2015. And some are saying 2016 will surpass $900/person!

It seems every year, Americans spend more money trying to make everyone happy. But how happy to all those presents truly make us?

Joy can not be wrapped and put under a Christmas tree. It is found in a different type of present. And to discover that present, in this week’s message we compare two different individuals from Matthew 2, discovering that even when you have nothing in the eyes of the world, sometimes you have everything. And THAT will bring you Christmas Joy like never before.

Worship Fully (Do Christmas Different #1)

For many of us, Christmas isn’t “the most wonderful time of the year” as the holiday song claims. Instead, it’s a season filled with stress from shopping, decorating, packed schedules, work parties, and internal pressure to give just the right gift.

But what if we could Do Christmas Different? What if we could actually feel more connected with God and actually enjoy celebrating the coming of Jesus?

At Riverwood, we believe you can. That’s why we invite you to  join us in our rebellion against the culture’s usual approach to Christmas by listening to this first message in the Do Christmas Different series, learning how you can worship fully this Advent.

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