Jesus the God-Man (Portraits of Jesus #5)

Throughout the 300s and 400s A.D., the Christian church debated the issue of the nature of Jesus. Was he a man? Was he God? Was he some sort of mix?

To which you might say, “Who cares?!? I mean, does it really even matter?”

Actually, it matters a lot! Whether you realize it or not, the doctrine of the incarnation and the hypostatic union is essential to the gospel, which is the foundation to the Christian faith. If you misunderstand the nature of Jesus, you actually get the entire Christian faith wrong.

This means if you are someone curious about Christianity, this message might be good to listen to, to help you understand one of the key tenets of this faith you are investigating.

But if you already identify as a follower of Jesus, this message is highly important for you to listen to. Because it will not only give you a foundation for your faith in Jesus, it will actually help to comfort you in your hardest times, and give you courage to live daily as a Jesus-follower.

Jesus the Truth-Dispenser (Portraits of Jesus #4)

Last week, we talked about Jesus the Grace Giver. But grace gets its power from truth. So this week we see how Jesus uses truth to help people experience amazing grace.

But here’s a bit of a warning: Listening to this message might make you uncomfortable. Because as you will hear in this message from John 6:22-35, some people heard Jesus speak truth, and in the uncomfortability of the conversation, they walked away from Jesus. But if you are brave enough, if you allow the truth Jesus taught to impact you, you will experience the amazing grace that Jesus has to offer.

Jesus the Grace-Giver (Portraits of Jesus #3)

The Christian concept of Grace is often tied with the idea of forgiveness. But it is SO much more than that! We see this beautifully shown in Matthew 14:13-21 when Jesus has every reason to want to be alone, but rather than retreat, He gives grace. May you listen and learn along with us as we seek, as Jesus-followers, to accept grace and give grace.

Jesus the Party-er (Portraits of Jesus #2)

In our American culture, the idea of parties carries certain connotations. But really, parties about the people present. And the best parties have the best persons there.

In this second message in the Portraits of Jesus series, guest teacher Cole Deike shares that Jesus-followers are invited to the best party because the best Person is there. Cole beautifully weaves the Scriptures together, from Genesis to Revelation (with a majority in the Gospels), creating a longing within each of us for THE party. So if you are eager to leave behind lame parties that never satisfy, listen in to why Jesus is to be your party.

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