Re:Focus (Re: Series #4)

Have you ever seen a photograph where the object up close is in crisp focus, but the background is blurry? Sometimes our lives can be similar. We get so focused on certain things in life, that God sort of just becomes blurry and relegated to the background.

In this final message in the Re: series, you’ll see from 1 Corinthians 10 how Paul encourages his readers to Re:Focus the lens of their lives, so that God becomes clear and their priorities are properly in place.

If you are the type of person who wants to live life as it was intended to be lived – this message is for you.

Re:Place (Re: Series #3)

In our contemporary culture, loyalty is admired, but often difficult to uphold. We see people change their favorite team, change spouses, change churches, and change allegiances all the time.

This also happens spiritually. God is loyal to his followers, but His followers often struggle to keep Him first in their lives. How do you keep your priorities straight and stay loyal to God?

The answer to that is what this week’s message aims to provide.

Re:Move (Re: Series #2)

Temptation is a powerful thing. It lures us in with promises of joy and satisfaction. But more times than not, when we give in to the temptation, we get the opposite of what we had hoped for.

So our natural tendency is to fight against temptation by removing it from our lives.

But oftentimes, when we remove the it, a different temptation creeps in and grabs hold of our lives. And so we still end up giving in to temptation, just of another variety.

So how in the world are we supposed to fight temptation and keep our priorities in the right place if removing it doesn’t help That’s what this week’s message is about.

Re:View (Re: Series #1)

Tim Keller, in his book Counterfeit Gods, describes the human heart as being an “idol factory.” That’s because humans routinely worship various “idols” – money, relationships, sex, drink, food, work, play. Just about anything can become an idol – something that we is more important to us than God.

But how do we stop our idolatry?

In the Re: series, Pastor Erin Bird walks us through 1 Corinthians 10, showing the process to remove idols from your heart so your life’s priorities can be reset. And the first way to move forward toward this goal… is to actually look back.

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