Love Is The Greatest (Redefining Love #4)

We’ve all seen websites that post about “The greatest ______________.” Just fill in the blank:

  • Greatest movie
  • Greatest sports team
  • Greatest rock band

But rarely do these discussions ever end up with complete public consensus.

Well, this week we get into another discussion about “the greatest,” but this time, there actually is consensus.  In this last message from our study of 1 Corinthians 13, we see that the Apostle Paul argues convincingly that  “Love Is The Greatest.”

But if this is true, how should this great love affect our daily lives? Listen in and discover how you, too, can be “the greatest.”

Love is Forever (Redefining Love #3)

Jewelry stores want you to believe that Diamonds are Forever. Some people say Memories are Forever. But a majority of our culture would argue that Nothing lasts Forever.

But in 1 Corinthians 13:8, the Apostle Paul says that Love is Forever.  But how can he say this when we all know of romantic relationships that have ended in a split or divorce?

That’s what this third part in the Redefining Love series is about. And once you learn how Love truly is forever, it will impact your daily life in three different ways. So listen in and learn, to enable you to “Love for the Long Term.”

Love Is Tough (Redefining Love #2)

Often we think of love as “soft” – flowers, candy, sunsets, walks on the beach, hugs, chocolate, and on and on and on. And while there is a “soft” aspect to love, there is also a “tough” aspect. Tougher than you can ever imagine.

And to discover just how tough love actually is, we look at the most famous biblical passage about the subject, seeing that love isn’t just cotton candy, but sometimes it is actually a rock that remains steadfast through the most difficult of times.

So come join us as we discover that it’s tough to love, yet  love itself is tougher.

Love is a Verb (Redefining Love #1)

Our world is quite mixed up about the definition of Love. Just look at how we use the word: In one breath you can say, “I love my wife,” and in the next breath say, “I love pizza.”

This message launches a four-week search for the definition of love by studying the ancient words of 1 Corinthians 13. And what we discover this week is that love isn’t temporary, it isn’t something you fall into, and it isn’t merely  sex, but rather love is a verb, an action to be lived out that positively impacts others.

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