Surrendered Prayer (Teach Us To Pray #2)

Your understanding of who God is affects your prayers. Whether you see God as demanding, loving, distant, or something else, it will affect how you approach Him and talk to Him.

This is why Jesus begins His teaching on prayer in Matthew 6:9-10 with defining who God is. And when you learn what Jesus teaches, your prayers will possibly be very different – and more meaningful.

The Secret to Prayer (Teach Us To Pray #1)

We all want to know “the secret.” Whether it’s the secret to a happy marriage, how to make a lot of money, or how to advance in a career, we want to know the one magic bullet that will bring us success.

In Matthew 6:5-8, Jesus teaches “the secret” to prayer. So if you have ever desired to have a robust prayer life, listen in to this first message in the Teach Us To Pray series.

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