Love Like Jesus (Mark #17)

In case you haven’t noticed, our world is really divided. We are arguing about masks, race, politics, and boneless chicken wings. What our world needs (besides more chicken wings!) is for Jesus-followers to step out of the arguments and begin loving people like Jesus loved people.

In this week’s sermon, Pastor Erin Bird walks us through Mark 5:21-42, looking at two miracles where we discover how Jesus showed love to the miracle recipients more than just giving healing. And if you follow Jesus, these are ways you are called to love as well.

The Pro-Life Jesus (Mark #16)

In our current political and cultural climate, the lives of certain people don’t seem to matter. Some Republicans don’t seem to think certain Democrats are worth much of anything. Some Black Lives Matters adherents don’t think too highly of Trump supporters. And many Twitter users are ready to cancel anyone who doesn’t agree with them 100%.

In Mark 5:1-20, Pastor Erin Bird shows us that anyone who claims to be a follower of Jesus HAS to be pro-life. And not just pro-babies, but pro-human. But how are you supposed to love someone who holds the complete opposite political or philosophical as you? Listen in to learn how.

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