Less is More (The Upside-Down Kingdom #3)


Our culture is constantly tricking us into believing what it wants us to believe. Sex, entertainment, and money are just a few of the outright tricks focused on feeling good and personal satisfaction that society is pushing on us. While the American Dream is a good aspiration – it is not the ultimate goal as our culture would have us believe.

This human yearning for more has been around since sin entered the world but Jesus would have us understand that less IS more. Listen as Pastor Erin Bird finishes up this series on the Upside-Down Kingdom and helps us to understand why Jesus wants us to know that Less is More.


Empty is Full (The Upside-Down Kingdom #2)


We regularly make decisions based on what we value. For example, fasting has become a new hot trend recently. Many people are now fasting for various health benefits. Biblical fasting has proven to be a lot more than a health trend, however.

In Matthew, Jesus extols the spiritual benefits of fasting. He also shows that prayer and fasting are linked. When you fast – or give up something that is important to you for a period of time – you should replace that with prayer and with seeking God.


Down is Up (The Upside-Down Kingdom #1)


Loretta Lynn, in her album titled Hymns, performed a song called Everybody wants to go to Heaven. Loretta was right – everyone wants to go to heaven but we don’t want to die to get there. This means many people try to find their slice of heaven here on earth as they struggle against death.

Jesus tells us that the way we connect with heaven is to pray. In other words, the way to get up to heaven is to get down on our knees in prayer. In other words, the way up is down. In today’s sermon, Pastor Erin kicks off Riverwood’s newest series: The Upside-Down Kingdom. Listen/Watch to learn how Jesus instructs us on how to pray.


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