Why We Should Continually Give Thanks to God


There are 6 reasons that Pslam 107 says we should give thanks to God. We should give thanks because of His goodness, His guidance, because He delivers, because of His ability to heal, for His power, and for His blessings. Unlike the caffeine “kick” one may derive from coffee, God’s goodness and mercy never ends.

For our 2021 Thanksgiving service, Matt Townsley shares Psalm 107 with us and explains why we should continually give thanks to God.


Protected from Pride (The Protection of Proverbs #4)

Oftentimes, we think we have all of the answers. We can get lost in pride in our day-to-day decisions as we’re sure we know everything about most of our situations. When our hearts are caught up with pride, we can’t truly trust in God or have full faith in his workings.

In today’s sermon, Professor Matt Townsley teaches from Proverbs chapter 3. He shows us how we can gain protection from pride by understanding and following the words in verses 1-7.

Psalm 46 (Summer of Psalms #3)

Do you ever find yourself seeking a rest from life’s daily grind through things like Netflix, YouTube, disc golf, or even drinking coffee?
In this week’s message, Matt Townsley walks us through Psalm 46 which shows us that God is our protection, provider, and power.  If you a desire to seek true rest from the stressors of this world, listen in to know what it means to “be still” and know a God who loves you more than you can imagine.

Psalm 127 (Summer of Psalms #1)

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about work?  Is it wise to put in 40 hours and be done?  Is working overtime punishment or pleasing in the eyes of God?
In this week’s message, Matt Townsley walks us through Psalm 127 showing how overconfidence and overworking can lead to an unfulfilled life.  So, if you have a desire to work at home or in the office in a way that honors God, listen in!
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