Space Invaders (Dynamic #4)

Ever had a stranger stand just a little too close for comfort? Felt like they were invading your personal space?

In this 4th and final message in the “Dynamic Series,”  we look at  the idea of being a “space invader.” But rather than creep people out making them feel uncomfortable,  we will see Jesus in Luke 8 invade the four spaces of humanity with awareness, grace, and love. And if you can begin to follow His example, you, too, can be Dynamic.

Invitations (Dynamic #3)

You have most likely had your life changed by an invitation. Whether it was an invitation to attend a specific college, or an invitation to get married, or an invitation to join a company in a different state, your life was changed through an invite. If you want to be Dynamic, then you need to learn how to leverage the power of invitation, because you just might get the joy of watching God change someone’s life through your simple invite.

Introductions (Dynamic #1)

At Riverwood, we want to help you be Dynamic. And for us, being Dynamic means being like Jesus.

At Riverwood, we say that being like Jesus is to love like He loved and live like He lived. So throughout this Dynamic series, we’ll look at human dynamics, seeking to understand them, so that we can be more like Jesus, the most relationally intelligent human to ever walk the face of the earth.

And to kick things off, we look at how to start and sustain conversations, whether you are an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert. So if you want to have a higher social IQ and understand how to relate to others better, listen in to week #1 of Dynamic!

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