Loving The Unlovable People (Mark #37)

Jesus, once again, shows his power when healing the blind man, Bartimaeus. More importantly, he shows us how to love those that we might consider unlovable. Even more than that, Bartimaeus gives up one of his only possessions to seek healing from Jesus.

What person/people are in your life that you could go out of your way to show more of Christ’s love to? What things are in your way between a closer relationship with our Lord? Pastor Erin breaks down this passage in Mark 10:46-52 to help us better see how to show Christ’s love to others.

True Love (1 John #6)

Our American culture LOVES to talk about love. But do we truly understand what true love is and what we are supposed to do with it?

In this sixth message in the 1 John series, Pastor Erin Bird walks us through one of the most famous passages from the book of 1 John, and helps us see not only God’s intense love for us, but what He wants us to do with that love.

Love Is The Greatest (Redefining Love #4)

We’ve all seen websites that post about “The greatest ______________.” Just fill in the blank:

  • Greatest movie
  • Greatest sports team
  • Greatest rock band

But rarely do these discussions ever end up with complete public consensus.

Well, this week we get into another discussion about “the greatest,” but this time, there actually is consensus.  In this last message from our study of 1 Corinthians 13, we see that the Apostle Paul argues convincingly that  “Love Is The Greatest.”

But if this is true, how should this great love affect our daily lives? Listen in and discover how you, too, can be “the greatest.”

Love is Forever (Redefining Love #3)

Jewelry stores want you to believe that Diamonds are Forever. Some people say Memories are Forever. But a majority of our culture would argue that Nothing lasts Forever.

But in 1 Corinthians 13:8, the Apostle Paul says that Love is Forever.  But how can he say this when we all know of romantic relationships that have ended in a split or divorce?

That’s what this third part in the Redefining Love series is about. And once you learn how Love truly is forever, it will impact your daily life in three different ways. So listen in and learn, to enable you to “Love for the Long Term.”

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