Seven and a Half Ways to Improve Your Mood

October 1, 2015

Ever had "one of those days?" (Maybe you're having one right now!)

When you find yourself in a funk, here are some ideas to help turn things around:

#1 - Say "Thank You" To God

When I'm feeling down, I find I internally complain about things. This focus on the negative keeps you stuck. So turn it around. Look at the positive. What has God done or is doing for you? And don't just thank Him for one thing. Keep thinking of more things. Even if you come up with 10, don't quit. Keep finding things for which you can say, "Thank you." The more you think of, the more your mood will lift.

#2 - Encourage Someone

When I'm down, not only do I internally complain, I also tend to retreat within myself, having a little pity party. But sometimes, getting outside of myself actually begins to change my bad mood. So call someone, text a friend, give someone a gift, or just walk across the room and tell someone you appreciate them.

#3 - Pray For Wisdom

One of my "go to" verses is James 1:5, which says if we lack wisdom we can ask God and He will give it to us. When I am feeing down, I often feel like I don't know what to do. So I ask God for wisdom.

#4 - Pray through Scripture

If you follow Jesus, then turn to the Bible when you're down. But don't just read it, pray through it. Just this week, I found myself reading through Isaiah 11. Even though the passage is a prophecy about the coming of Jesus, I found myself praying verse 2 for myself - that God would give me a Spirit of wisdom and understanding. The Psalms are a great place to pray through Scripture! Let God's words guide your words.

#5 - Eat Wisely and Get Some Sleep

Sometimes I feel down if I'm not taking care of myself in simple ways. Junk food and 5 hours of sleep rarely does my emotional state good! So eat your fruits and veggies, down that protein, and get to bed at a reasonable hour. An apple a day (and 8 hours of sleep!) may just keep the funk away.

#6 - Go do something fun!

Sometimes life feels like a treadmill or stationary bike. You're doing lots of work, but not getting anywhere. So engage for an hour or two in a hobby, read a good book, go for a walk, play a game with the kids... do something that will remind you that life can be fun.

#7 - Listen to worship music (or just really happy music!)

A pastor friend of mine confessed that years ago he was in a deep funk because of some really bad church politics. He felt like he could barely read even Scripture. The only thing that would lift his spirit each day was to listen to worship music that would remind him of the goodness and sovereignty of God.

#7.5 - Invite someone to Riverwood's Worship Gathering

This bonus idea comes from my own experience. My own worship of God is enhanced when I am standing next to someone I invited to church. I find myself more engaged, praying for my friend, and seeing things in a new way. And nothing gets me going than seeing God work in the life of someone else!

Erin Bird Lead Pastor - Riverwood Church

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