Trusting Through Trials

November 7, 2019


Trusting Through Trials (Empty Bench By Calm Lake Next To Autumn Tree)

Trusting Through Trials

Hello, hello!

Trusting Through Trials • Riverwood ChurchErin here. I am SO excited for you this week as we continue our email-only series called "What I Am Learning," where we are hearing from four different individuals who are part of the Riverwood family. Why am I so excited? Because this week you get to hear from Christine Blessing.

And what a "blessing" Christine, and her husband Tom, have been to the Riverwood family! Not only do they serve graciously, they treat everyone with extreme kindness. As you read Christine's words below, I think you will discover from where some of that kindness comes.


by Christine Blessing

Years ago, my life with God changed. Growing up, I had gone to church on a regular basis, I had read about Him in my Bible and I had heard the stories, but until I went through a trying divorce and had no one else to lean on, I didn’t understand how to have a relationship with Him.

My life had flipped upside down. I felt abandoned by my church family as I was going through this horrible time. I was "a single mom with 2 littles" trying to keep it all together on the outside. I cried out to God when all seemed lost, and He continually showed up by giving me His peace. He gently nudged me along until I solely relied on Him.

He not only made sure I had all I needed spiritually through Him, He also provided materially. He made sure our bills were paid, our stomachs were full, and I had just enough money left over in my paycheck to fill my gas tank. God wanted my attention, and He got it. During those days, I truly learned to trust Him.

So, what does this have to do with the present and what I’m learning from God now?

Past Trials lead to Present Trust
A couple of week's ago, Pastor Erin taught on "The Gospel and Time." In his sermon, he stated we can be completely okay with our past because we know that when we believe in Christ, God redeems our past sins and trials. God uses all things – even our "messed up" things (like divorce) – to grow us closer to Him and make us more like Jesus. He doesn’t waste any of it. (Romans 8:28-29)

In other words, even when I thought I would never get over the divorce or thought I’d never be okay again, He showed me how much more He had in store for me. I only had to be still and trust Him through the trial.

Now, years later, I have learned to listen for Him and listen TO Him. I may not always do it perfectly, but...

  • It may be as simple as a song or Bible verse that pops into my head when I’m overwhelmed.
  • It may be a strong sense to call or text someone that He places on my heart.
  • It may just the quiet morning where He reminds me how much He loves me by showing me a gorgeous sky on my way to work.

I used to be ‘too busy’ for these reminders, but when I wouldn’t listen to Him, I felt frustrated and hollow inside. Thankfully, He kept nudging me. So I decided to try something. I trusted those "nudgings" were from Him, so I gave into those feelings. And you know what? I didn’t feel empty anymore! He is so gracious and loving, He didn’t want to leave me the way I was.

Trusting Through Trials • Riverwood ChurchIt's a joy to say He has truly lead me to green pastures and still waters. He really does refresh my soul. (Psalm 23:2-3) And to think that I used to miss this? I will gladly follow His lead now and trust Him.

In all honesty, I don’t always enjoy the trial or the waiting part, but I do know that in the end of whatever I’m going through, I will be more content and more in love with Him. And His plan is ALWAYS better than mine could ever be.

So let me encourage you to trust God, even in the midst of your worst trial. Because after seeing God bring me through my own horrific trial, I can truly say I can’t wait to see what blessing He has for me next. 😀

Erin Bird Lead Pastor - Riverwood Church

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