Welcome to summer! School is done, diplomas have been handed out, the pool is open, and summer activities are getting started.

Many people see summer as a time to relax. Others see it as simply a change in schedule. But what I hope for you is that summer is not a time to lay off the spiritual growth God wants to do in you.

That’s why I am planning to use this weekly email to help you go further with the Sunday sermon. Each Sunday in June and July, we will look at a different spiritual discipline as part of our Disciplined series. And then on Thursdays, I will give you more resources and/or ideas to help you go deeper with the discipline we looked at four days prior.

Since this past Sunday we looked at the disciple of Scriptural intake, I want to give you some resources and ideas to support you in this discipline of reading and learning from the Bible.




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This coming Sunday, we will look at the spiritual discipline of community. We’ll see you Sunday at 10:00 am at the Fairgrounds!