Giving Your Finances (Living with Open FISTs #1)

Sermon Synopsis

In today's society, the topic of money can often be uncomfortable and even controversial. Many people have negative perceptions of churches and their intentions regarding finances. However, as we dive into the book of First Timothy, we discover that generosity is not just a money thing but a heart thing.

The apostle Paul, in his letter to Timothy, addresses the issue of wealth and encourages believers to have a different perspective. He starts by reminding the rich not to be haughty or put their hope in uncertain riches but to trust in God, who provides everything for us to enjoy (verse 17). This sets the foundation for a life of generosity.

Paul goes on to instruct the rich to do good, be rich in good works, and be generous and ready to share (verse 18). This goes beyond just financial giving; it encompasses opening our hearts, using our skills and influence, and giving of our time.

Living a life of generosity is not limited to the top one percent of wage earners. When we consider our wealth globally, we realize that even the average person in a developed country is rich compared to many others in the world. This shift in perspective challenges us to be grateful for what we have and to be open-handed with our resources.

Generosity is not about giving out of obligation or guilt but about reflecting the heart and character of God. Just as God generously gave His Son for us, we are called to be generous in all aspects of our lives. This includes our finances but also extends to our time, skills, and influence.

To live a life of generosity, we need to plan and be intentional. This involves deciding how much we will give and where we will give it. While the local church is a great place to give, there are also other organizations and causes that align with our values and allow us to make a difference.

Living generously requires a shift in mindset. It's about realizing that our earthly wealth is temporary and that true life is found in giving and blessing others. When we hold onto our wealth, we rob ourselves of the joy and fulfillment that comes from living with open hands.

Practically, living a life of generosity involves planning, giving sacrificially, and being open to opportunities to bless others. It's about being rich in good works and using our resources to make a positive impact in the world.

As we reflect on the teachings of First Timothy 6, let us remember that generosity is not just about money but about the condition of our hearts. May we strive to live like Jesus, who gave Himself for us, and may our lives be a reflection of His love and generosity.

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