Giving Your Influence (Living with Open FISTs #2)

Sermon Synopsis

In today's world, influence is often associated with social media and the number of followers one has. However, the story of Naaman from the book of 2 Kings reminds us that influence goes beyond online platforms and can have a profound impact on people's lives. Naaman, a commander in the Syrian army, was a man of great valor but suffered from leprosy. It was through unexpected influencers that Naaman's life was transformed.

The Influence of Elisha

Elisha, a prophet in Samaria, played a significant role in Naaman's journey towards healing. Despite not meeting Naaman in person, Elisha's instructions to dip in the Jordan River seven times led to Naaman's complete healing. Elisha's influence was evident in Naaman's willingness to follow his instructions, even though they seemed unconventional and unimpressive. This highlights the importance of using our influence for the good of others and the glory of God.

The Influence of Naaman's Servants

Naaman's servants also played a crucial role in his transformation. They showed respect and care for Naaman, addressing him as 'my father' and acknowledging his position of authority. They used wisdom in their influence, reminding Naaman of his bravery and encouraging him to follow Elisha's instructions. Their words and support ultimately led to Naaman's healing and his recognition of the one true God.

The Influence of a Little Girl

Perhaps the most unexpected influencer in Naaman's story was a little girl who had been taken captive from Israel. Despite her difficult circumstances, she spoke up and shared her belief that Elisha could heal Naaman. Her words reached Naaman's wife, who relayed them to Naaman, setting in motion the events that led to his healing. This little girl's faith and courage remind us that even in the smallest of voices, we can have a significant impact.

The Power of Influence in Our Lives

Naaman's story teaches us valuable lessons about the power of influence. It reminds us that influence is not limited to social media or positions of authority. We all have the ability to influence others through our words, actions, and genuine care for their well-being. Whether we find ourselves in a position of influence or feel invisible, we can make a difference by showing respect, offering wisdom, and sharing our faith.

Influence is not about self-promotion or gaining followers but about using our lives to point others to the one true God. Just as Elisha, the servants, and the little girl influenced Naaman toward healing and deeper faith, we, too, can impact the lives of those around us. Let us embrace the power of influence and strive to make a positive difference in the lives of others, all for the glory of God.

As we reflect on Naaman's story, may we be inspired to use our influence wisely, to care for others, and to share the hope we have in Christ. Let us be influencers who bring healing, transformation, and the message of God's love to a world in need.

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