How to Pray (#Unexpected #9)

Sermon Synopsis

Little kids LOVE when their Daddies throw them  in the air and catch them. But if the Dad drops his child, the child not only gets hurt, but would probably  struggle to trust his/her  Daddy  to throw him/her  in the air again.

Some people feel like God has dropped them.  They felt like God allowed them to be hurt, and so they struggle to trust Him. But as we see in the famous Lord's Prayer in Jesus's Sermon on the Mount, the underlying factor of prayer is trust.

So how do you pray to a God you don't trust? This week, to answer that question, we not only look at the words of Jesus, but his actions as well.

If you struggle to trust God, or you struggle in prayer, listen in to this message about how NOT to pray, as well as "How TO Pray."

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