King in the Chaos (Acts #27)

Sermon Synopsis

In the book of Acts, we find a story of chaos and confusion in the city of Ephesus. The people were in an uproar over the preaching of Paul, which was causing a decline in the worship of the goddess Artemis. But in the midst of this chaos, we can learn valuable lessons about finding hope and trust in God.

Trusting in God's Sovereignty

When we face seasons of chaos in our own lives, it can be easy to lose hope and feel overwhelmed. But as Erin reminds us, we serve a God who is still in control, even in the darkest moments. Just as the director of a movie knows the ending before it even begins, God knows the outcome of our lives. We may not understand why we are going through difficult times, but we can trust that God is working all things together for our good.

Seeking Wisdom in the Midst of Confusion

In the story of Acts 19, we see Paul seeking wisdom from others before rushing into the chaos. He listens to the advice of his disciples and the city officials, recognizing that he cannot handle the situation on his own. Similarly, when we face confusion and uncertainty, it is important to seek wisdom from trusted friends, mentors, and ultimately from God. By relying on the wisdom of others, we can gain clarity and make better decisions in the midst of chaos.

Putting Our Trust in God

During times of chaos, it can be tempting to put our trust in ourselves or in others to fix the situation. However, Erin reminds us that our ultimate trust should be in God. He is the one who can bring us through the chaos and provide the clarity we need. By putting our trust in God, we can find peace and hope, knowing that He is with us and working all things for our good.

Finding Hope in the Gospel

Ultimately, the story of Acts points us to the hope found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just as the people of Ephesus were turning away from the worship of Artemis and embracing the truth of Jesus, we too can find hope and forgiveness in Him. The gospel reminds us that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again, offering us forgiveness and eternal life. In the midst of chaos, we can cling to this hope and trust that God is working all things for our good.


The story of Acts teaches us valuable lessons about finding hope and trust in God in the midst of chaos. By trusting in God's sovereignty, seeking wisdom, putting our trust in Him, and finding hope in the gospel, we can navigate through the chaos of life with confidence and peace. So let us hold on to the hope we have in Christ and trust that He is with us in every season of life.

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