The Function of the Church (Gospel on the Move #4)

Sermon Synopsis

Riverwood’s definition of church: The redeemed people of God living on mission together under the headship of Jesus to live out the implications of the Gospel.

The Function Of The Church (Gospel On The Move #4) • Riverwood Church

Gather: We see the disciples and new converts to Christ gathering in large groups together. They broke bread in their homes (sharing meals, taking communion.)

Grow: They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching. This is why we need to read the Scriptures constantly. We also need prayer to grow.

Give: They sold their positions and belongings and the proceeds were distributed to all. This is a financial form of giving but generosity is not only financial, it’s from the heart.

At Riverwood, we believe in giving of our FIST:

  • F- Finances
  • I- Influence
  • S- Skills
  • T- Time

Generosity doesn’t just impact those around us, it impacts us as well.

Go: we start seeing the mandate to “go” and make disciples once the disciples started speak in the native languages of many of the people. No matter where we are in life, we have the ability and the mandate to be evangelists.

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