Seek Meaning (Seek #2)

Sermon Synopsis

In America, we often seek meaning in life through our jobs, relationships, vehicles, house size, kids, bank account, clothing style, and on and on... While much of these things are good, they ultimately leave us dissatisfied, feeling like we still don't really know our  meaning in life. And when we feel like we don't know our purpose in life, we see ourselves as worthless, part of the lower echelon of humanity.

In this second message in the Seek series, we look at the shepherds, the outcasts of their society. But rather than try to see how they overcame their worthlessness through hard work, we actually see that they overcame their worthlessness by seeing how GOD views them. And God's view of the lowly changes everything.

So if you have ever felt like you didn't matter, listen in, and possibly have your life changed.

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