The Call (Building Lives #1)

Sermon Synopsis

Nehemiah was the cup-bearer to king Artaxerxes. This was a significant position in the kingdom. They had to be so trustworthy that they wouldn’t poison the king and often became confidants to the king. Often, these people became like the second in command.

Even though he had never been to Jerusalem, Nehemiah was Jewish and cared deeply about his people. He mourned and fasted for days when he heard that the gates had been burned down.

Nehemiah’s heart-breaking response was due to the belief that wars were fought and won by the gods of each culture. This means that God’s reputation took a hit, and Nehemiah still knew that God was the most powerful of all gods.

Nehemiah's prayer follows the ACTS Model:

  • Adoration - if we take the time to pray with adoration, we begin to realize just how holy God is and how unholy we are.
  • Confession - Nehemiah didn’t just confess his own sins, he confessed the sins of his family and his people.
  • Thanksgiving/Remembrance - Nehemiah reminds God of his promise to Israel that he will make them prosperous if they come to him.
  • Supplication - Supplication is more than asking for what you need. It includes humbleness and pleading as well.

Nehemiah needed God to move the king’s heart to allow him to begin rebuilding the walls and gate.

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