The Value of the Church (Acts #10)

Sermon Synopsis

Have you ever been through something so horrible and awful yet, when you get to the other end, you find that it was for the best?

In verse one, we see the problem that the church is facing: discrimination/racism. The daily distribution wasn’t being fairly distributed to the Hellanists (the Greek-speaking widows)!

The values of the Church

  1. God - they choose to not get distracted with this important issue because they needed to focus on what God needed them to focus on.
  2. People - 4 peoples valued
    • All people - all the widows needed to be fed regardless of where they are from.
    • Leaders of People - if we are going to accomplish the purpose God has for us, we need leaders. The disciples were not just looking for warm bodies, but instead, they were looking for leaders of good character. They didn’t want leaders who were lazy or casual.
    • Unified People - verse 5: “And what they said pleased the whole gathering.”
    • New People - we learn how the number of people in the church multiplied and grew.

For us to be this church, we have to value God first, but we also have to value other people.

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