The Gospel & Sex (The Everyday Gospel #2)

For many people, there is a strong sexual desire that leads them to engage in sexual activities that traditional Judeo-Christian teaching says is wrong. But what does the Bible really say about sex? And does God actually care about how we use our bodies for sexual pleasure?

In this second message of The Everyday Gospel series, Pastor Erin Bird sensitively tackles the tough topic of sex, showing from a Biblical perspective why God has a right to tell humans what they should and should not do with their bodies. Because it turns out the gospel story of Jesus’ death on a cross even affects what happens between the sheets.

The Resurrection of Jesus (His Story #35)

Christians all around the world throughout history have remembered the death of Jesus on the cross as payment for sin. But did you know the gospel message doesn’t stop with the crucifixion of Jesus? There’s more to the story.

Listen in to discover why the resurrection of Jesus is crucial to the gospel story. Because if there’s no resurrection, there’s no Christianity.

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