True Love (1 John #6)

Our American culture LOVES to talk about love. But do we truly understand what true love is and what we are supposed to do with it?

In this sixth message in the 1 John series, Pastor Erin Bird walks us through one of the most famous passages from the book of 1 John, and helps us see not only God’s intense love for us, but what He wants us to do with that love.

Act Like a Child (1 John #5)

Just as a dolphin is designed to swim and an eagle is designed to soar, all Jesus-followers are designed to do something. But the only way a Jesus-follower can do this one thing is to understand who they are as part of God’s family.

So if you are a Jesus-follower, listen in. And if you are NOT a Jesus-follower, listen in as well to know what it is God will expect of you if you do become a follower of Jesus.

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