Scripture (Disciplined #1)

For the summer of 2018, Riverwood Church is taking a look at the topic of spiritual disciplines. Over 9 weeks, the Riverwood family will look at nine different disciplines Jesus-followers can engage in.

However, there is a danger to this topic. In this opening message in the Disciplined series, Pastor Erin Bird helps us learn what the inherent danger is with spiritual disciplines, how to avoid this danger, and the reason Scriptural intake is a foundational discipline for those who want to grow spiritually and follow Jesus.

Committed to the Gospel (Committed #3)

After you breathe your last breath, what do you hope to have left behind?

  • Nice thoughts about your life?
  • A full bank account that will provide for your children?
  • A building bearing your name?

If you are a Jesus-follower, these things are too small. God wants to do so much more than just see people say nice things about you at your funeral.

If you want to leave a legacy that will make an eternal impact, listen in to “Committed to the Gospel” as Pastor Erin Bird walks us through 2 Timothy 4:1-8.

Trust (Values #3)

Sometimes we mistakenly treat intangibles (like love) as if they were tangible objects (like cookies). We act as if giving away the intangible will leave us with less. But things like love and grace and respect aren’t like cookies or gum. Rather, the more you give it away, the more you actually have.

The same goes with trust. However, there is a risk with trust. When you give trust, you are letting go, creating an opening for someone to let you down or even hurt you.

And yet, for any church to be a healthy church, it has to trust. It has to fully trust God, and it has to entrust ministry to the people. Listen in to hear how Riverwood plans to accomplish this.

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